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With just six paid employees, the Florida Railroad Museum depends on dozens of volunteer members to keep the Museum running year-round. These members provide administrative skills, on-board services, restoration, maintenance and everything else required to operate the Museum and its train.

Membership is available to anyone who has a desire to see the Museum succeed. As a member you can also volunteer on the train crew.

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Fund Goals

SAL Caboose Acquisition

Collected: $39,776.67
Goal: $8,500.00
CSX has declared a former Seaboard Air Line Railroad caboose as surplus property in Tampa. The Florida Railroad Museum has an opportunity to purchase this caboose for $3,500 plus an estimated $5,000 for shipping. The caboose will be scrapped if the museum does not raise the funds needed. Consider a donation today to help preserve Florida's railroad history!

Annual Track Fund

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $25,000.00
The Museum has budgeted $25,000 in track work for 2015. Projects include tie replacement, joint bar maintenance, rail replacement and tamping to ensure a comfortable ride.

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